U.S.B. is an educational simulation that focuses on the creation of an energy grid, as well as combating pollution. The game was designed and built in 48 hours for a Microsoft-sponsored game jam at RIT. After being awarded “Most Creative Game” at that jam, the game was polished and refined as a side project. A trip to MassDiGi in the spring for the first ever “MassDiGI Games Challenge” brought additional accolades, with U.S.B. winning the “Best Serious Game” award there. Following this success, the project was re-scoped  and renamed Energy Drive, featured later in my portfolio.

Personal Contributions:
  • Led a team of three students in the creation of a full prototype in only 48 hours.
  • Created design documentation and GUI prototypes.
  • Pitched the game to numerous faculty and industry professionals, leading to several awards.
  • Developed a release plan and accompanying schedule spanning 6 months.
  • Showcased the game at numerous venues, including the Imagine RIT innovation fair.
USB2 USBTrophy