Time to Launch

Spring 2013

Time to Launch is a visual novel loosely based on the short story Game by Donald Barthelme. Designed and written to extend the narrative, Time to Launch became a unique experiment in maintaining the writer’s vision. Taking an existing story and transforming it is a unique challenge, and one that requires a fair amount of research into the author, as well as the narrative. The result was an immersive and though-provoking journey into the mindset of a missile launch operator.

Personal Contributions:
  • Learned and taught others the Ren’Py framework for constructing the game.
  • Assisted in the art direction and overall feel of the game.
  • Wrote and/or edited a majority of the text for the game.
  • Sourced the initial work and performed preliminary research on the subject.
  • Sourced several assets and much of the audio for the game.

Playable Build – Download, unzip, and run the application file.

Blog Post – Post by Richard Rouse III, who stopped by to check out TTL at the RPI Gamefest 2014.