The Diner’s Diary

February, 2014

The Diner’s Diary is an iPhone app developed for the RIT iOS App Challenge, intending to help users remember the  details about foods they tried at various restaurants. The app serves as a friendly, easy to use notebook, helping users make notes, add ratings, and even take photos of their favorite dishes. Never again will they need to wonder “What was that great pasta dish I had here” – The Diner’s Diary remembers all the little things that help make good food great.

Personal Contributions:
  • Designed interfaces using Balsamiq, and assisted in their implementation.
  • Maintained the vision for the final app, acting as the user advocate.
  • Created and gave a 3 minute pitch about the app to a panel of industry judges.
  • Designed an achievement framework to encourage continued interaction with the app.

Submission Page – Official submission page for the app challenge

Downloadable Build – The Xcode project for the latest build of the app