Memento is a Flash/Stage3D project developed over a period of 6 months by my startup, Blind Horizon Studios. It was designed as an experiment in narrative in games, presenting fast paced police drama with a moral kick. With an experimental 3rd person camera, a custom built rendering engine, and full musical score, Memento was the most complex game the startup had ever attempted. The game was submitted into the student category of the 2014 IGF competition, but did not place.

Personal Contributions:
  • Developed a budget and schedule for project completion.
  • Owned the vision for the product, from design to launch.
  • Created and maintained documentation for the  product, including a development blog.
  • Managed a team of 15 contractors including environment and texture artists, programmers, and a composer.
  • Wrote dialogue and coached voice talent  for the first of several planned gameplay episodes.

Preparing to surmount some obstacles.

Screenshot 1

Simple controls, intense action.