Energy Drive

Summer 2012 – March 2013

Energy Drive is an educational game developed to teach payers about the energy grid. It was created by Blind Horizon Studios, with support from the Summer Internship Program at MassDigi. The game was ported from an earlier 2D iteration, known as U.S.B., into a full 3D simulation. In the game, the player is tasked with managing the operations of a newly founded energy corporation, making critical decisions about what kinds of energy to produce, as well as how to keep up with the increasing demand from nearby towns for power.

Personal Contributions:
  • Developed a timeline and deadlines for project completion.
  • Created and maintained vision documents for the core product.
  • Facilitated project workflow through scheduled weekly meetings and work times.
  • Assisted in design of systems and overall game design as necessary.
  • Worked as a liaison between Blind Horizon Studios (BHS) and the MassDiGi team for remote development.
  • Handled business and company affairs associated with the creation and incorporation of BHS as a company.

Game Website – Website comissioned to showcase the game

Facebook Page – Facebook page created to increase awareness about the game

Playable Build – Web hosted alpha build. To play, choose “Play as Guest”